«Russian icon»

The icon at the end of the XX century — is a complex and controversial phenomenon and its place in contemporary art has not been finally determined. Елена Князева

What is it — an image of the invisible or perceptible reality?

Russian Orthodoxy is over 1000. As time passes such a phenomenon as the contemporary icon, the icon of the late XX century will be as thoroughly studied as today is the icon-painting of times past and the attitude towards the icon of the XX century will become more defined and historically significant. Perhaps then one will understand the difficulties of a contemporary icon-painter’s search: for in contrast to a secular artist an icon-painter strives to convey the ultimate power of the prototype, perceive and restore bit by bit the all-but-lost wealth of the past traditions.

Contemporary icon-painting is determined by a variety of different styles and artistic devices, however in this variety there are principal guides – the Orthodox canon and permanent refinement of the skills at the ancient craft.

Elena Knyazeva
art director of the Moscow icon-painting center «Russian icon»



Moscow icon-painting center "Russian icon” was created in 1992 based on an icon-painting art workshop.

Art director: member of the Moscow Union of Artists Elena Knyazeva.

Leading icon-painters – members of the International Artists’ Federation under UNESCO: Lyudmila Vinnitskaya, Svetlana Voevodina, Irina Timofeeva, Ekaterina Braslavskaya and others. Русская Икона

The primary goal of the organization is to study, maintain and develop the oldest traditions of the Moscow icon-painting workshops as well as to study and promote Christian art, Old-Russian culture and folks arts and crafts. It determines its wide field of activity: enlightenment, exhibitions, icon-painting training and old icons restoration. Besides, execution of commissions for painting icons in different styles and manners both for the churches and personal, home prayer.

In the execution of work the icon-painting canon, board preparation technology are strictly observed, gold leaf and egg tempera on natural pigments (malachite, lazurite, orpiment, etc) are used. Furthermore, the “Russian icon” center is actively involved in the scientific and research activity which consists in studying the traditions and problems of church art and the importance of the icon in the late XX - early XXI centuries, in developing new icon designs, iconostases, hinged icons, iconography of newly-canonized saints. As well as in creating a subject bibliography, library, photo-and-video library, electronic database, fund of icons and prorisi (outline drawings), etc.

The Moscow icon-painting center “Russian icon”, while promoting the idea of reviving Russian icon-painting, actively participates in scientific conferences and exhibitions. © 2001-2018 Moscow Icon-Painting center «Russian Icon»