Commission for painting or restoring an icons

The "Russian Icon" offers custom-made icons of different styles:

  • family
  • wedding
  • for a childs birth and baptism
  • namesake saints
  • yearly and monthly Menaia (calendar icons)
  • We perform different projects:

  • church and home iconostases
  • hinged icons
  • arks (icon-cases)
  • decoration of the home red corner
  • development of Christian upper chambers at enterprises, medical and educational establishments
  • Painted on request in the shop are also icons of new canonized saints and custom-made icons with rare orthodox iconography. We complete also orders for icons with a new or rare orthodox iconography.

    We are involved in:

  • museum restoration (toning of lost fragment of painting)
  • church restoration (painting in of lost fragments of painting)
  • We elaborate and develop projects of handwritten illustrated books in hand bindings:

  • Gospels
  • Prayer books
  • Psalter
  • and also those about churches and monasteries,
  • about wonderworking and family icons
  • and others.
  • If You have decided to commission the painting of an icon, or to order an icons from the catalogue - fill in the form below or if you speak russian you can call tel. +7 495 772-23-54.

    Surname Name Middle name:
    Contact information
    (Country, city, telephone, e-mail):
    Icon on order (Iconography, size):

    In the execution of work our masters strictly follow the icon-painting canon, observing the old technology of board preparation; gold leaf and egg tempera on natural pigments (malachite, lazurite, orpiment, etc.) are used.

    On completion of work with the paint layer, icons are coated with olipha.

    All this provides for the icons of our workshop warmth, naturalness and spiritual fullness of an image. 2001-2018 Moscow Icon-Painting center Russian Icon