The Patriarch's Town Residence with the Cathedral of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity
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Orthodox art school Trinity

The Orthodox Arts School Trinity on the territory of the second largest town residence of the Patriarch in Orekhovo-Borisovo offers the following departments:

  • Icon painting
  • Restoration
  • Frescos
  • Manuscript book
  • Mosaics
  • Woodwork
  • Gold embroidery

    It is impossible to paint icons without being good at drawing, without having a feeling for color, without the ability to put objects together. No doubt it requires knowledge and skills developed in the course of at least three years of training. General special subjects - drawing, painting, composition - are part of the curriculum of each department, just as the study of God's Law, the history of Christian arts, hagiography, icon theology, Church Slavic. Certainly, technique and study of materials are also taught. As for personal qualities - it is very safe to say: a bad person can't paint an icon, it won't work out. That's why such a great importance during training at our Orthodox arts school Trinity we attach to the shaping of personality. If through our labors the ranks of icon painters get a reinforcement we will reckon we are copying with our task. Enrollment terms is an interview , a review of drawings and entrance examination. The interview is attended by the school's confessor, teachers, child and parents. The task of the Orthodox Arts School Trinity - is to give children not only spiritual education but also target professional education through the acquisition of skills, possibly, of a future profession.
    It should be said that initially a children's school was envisaged but we kept receiving requests for training in icon painting from adult population and have prepared 2 programs - for those with an arts education and hopefuls without any special education and with any profession. For now, to help students we have a library, a video library, photo albums. An electronic database on icon painting is collected.
    After education we are giving placing in a job in Moscow Icon-Painting center Russian Icon.

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