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Children's school

Children aged from 11 to 17 are enrolled into two groups: one group is of children who are good at painting or studied at an arts school and the other - is for all-comers. For well-trained children the study may take three years, for those untrained - five years. The time of study depends also on the age.
Children into preparatory groups where a child learns to draw elements of architecture and landscape represented on an icon. These children get a grounding in the basics of painting and drawing. We provide children with quite a bit of study materials beginning with levkas and ending with paints.
We publish our own training manuals, understandable to children and comfortable to read.
The interview is attended by the school's confessor, teachers, child and parents. During the interview it will become clear how responsible is the family and how interested in implementing the educational program and acquisition of knowledge by the child at our school. For, the many years of training will require from parents additional time. The interest of parents and teachers in the formation of spirituality and acquisition of the skills of church art by the child - is a mutually important task. For the school it is important that children complete the program in full. 2001-2018 Moscow Icon-Painting center Russian Icon